How You Can Help Protect Tarbert Post Office


  • A Message from
    Tarbert Development Association:

    A Chāirde,

    Like many communities in rural Ireland right now, we face uncertainty with regard to the future of our Post Office.

    At this moment, An Post are making decisions as to when and where closures will take place. These decisions seem to be based primarily on whether or not individual locations are financially viable.

    We need to ensure that each of us as individuals are utilising the services of our Post Office extensively enough for it to remain an attractive proposition for An Post to retain.

    If this means paying a monthly bill at the counter instead of online, doing your AIB or Ulster Bank banking through the Post Office , or simply by picking up your social welfare payments in person, then please do so to ensure that we all play our part.

    See also below on this page some of the great range of services you can currently avail of at our Post Office. Tarbert postmaster Michelle Woods will be happy to consult with you on any of these – just drop in or call the Post Office at 068 36100.

    A ‘Declaration of Support’ to show the commitment and solidarity of the Tarbert Community in our efforts to retain our Post Office is also available to sign at The Post Office until the end of May. Members of our overseas diaspora or people who are away from home at the moment can also use the form on this page to sign the Declaration.

    This Declaration of Support will be delivered to An Post at the end of May as a statement of our intent to retain our Post Office.

    Yours Sincerely,

    Niall Fitzgerald


    Tarbert Development Association.

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    Services available at Tarbert Post Office. – Just pick one and walk in to help make a difference.

    Mobile Phone Top-Up e.g. Vodafone, Meteor, 3 Pay & Postfone

    AIB Bank AIB customers can avail of cash withdrawal of up to €600 euro per day, cash lodgement, cheque lodgement and credit card payment facility.

    Ulster Bank Ulster bank customers can avail of cash lodgement service.

    Collect Children’s Allowance payments at your local Post Office – we would like to encourage Children’s Allowance recipients receiving payments into their bank accounts to change to the local Post Office.

    Western Union Money Transfer send and receive money to 220 countries worldwide

    Foreign Exchange e.g. Sterling & Dollars

    PostFX Currency Cards e.g. Sterling/American Dollars/ Canadian Dollars/ Australian Dollars. Currency cards are a great way to save for a trip abroad e.g. J1 Visa

    Passport Express – the only postal method accepted in Ireland when applying for your passport.

    Bill Payment Take co ntrol of how you pay your bills. Customers can pay all the main utility bills at the Post Office and decide how much and when they pay e.g. pay €20 off your light bill every week and take control of your bill.

    Postage booklets of stamps, registered post, express post

    Pay Garda Fines

    Pay Local Property Tax

    Gift Ideas One4All gift card, Prize Bonds, iTunes cards, Scratch Cards & Lottery Tickets

    Post Insurance Request a quotation for Car Insurance, Car Finance & Travel Insurance

    Delivery Box A delivery box can be purchased from the local Post Office that is big enough to receive delivery of letters, packets and even parcels.

    AddressPal  Shop online from UK sites and have your items delivered to your local Post Office

    Prize Bonds: A €1 million prize to be won in the last weekly draw of each quarter and thousands of tax free cash prizes to be won weekly.

    State Savings: Please enquire about our tax free secure savings options at the Post Office for example National Solidarity Bond, Savings Bonds, Saving Certificates, Instalment Savings, Post Office savings

    Collect your pension payment at your local Post Office – we would like to encourage pension recipients receiving payments into their bank accounts to change to the local Post Office.

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