I Love Tarbert

  • So what exactly is “#ILoveTarbert”?

    #ILoveTarbert is a show of solidarity that allows all of us, both at home and away, to display the pride we have in our community and to be part of a campaign to recognise this in a very connected and visual way.

    How does it work?

    Well there’s a few different strands to this plan that all tie together, keep reading and all will become clear…

    Branded Clothing.

    “I Love Tarbert” logo branded T-shirts are available right here on tarbert.ie by clicking here or by buying over the counter at our local Post Office.

     The T-shirts are extremely well-crafted and it is extremely important to note that this initiative will support a local business who will supply this clothing from a workshop right here in Tarbert. T-shirts are available in both adult and kids sizes, which you can select when buying online or at the Post Office.

  • Social Media – Instagram

    An Instagram feed has been created that allows us to display any pictures or videos that are tagged with the #ILoveTarbert hashtag. This feed automatically collects those images and videos right here in a gallery on tarbert.ie. (and you can also see a selection at the bottom of this page). We welcome  pictures from Tarbert itself, but also pictures from our diaspora far and wide – from New York to Tokyo –  of people wearing their “I Love Tarbert” gear with pride and tagging their photos #ILoveTarbert.

    Social Media – Facebook

    An “I Love Tarbert” profile picture frame has been designed and is freely available to use for anyone with a Facebook account to spread the love. Apply it to your profile pic by going to the “Update Profile Pic” setting on your Facebook profile picture and searching for “I Love Tarbert” in the frames section. Don’t forget to change the time option to “Permanent”!

Joining the dots on the “I Love Tarbert” World Map.

In our Post Office a large world map is going on display for all to see. Around this map we will display print outs of any of your Instagram pictures that are tagged #ILoveTarbert, with a link to the point on the map that they were taken. Show your pride from anywhere the world, right here in our Post Office, just by tagging your picture with #ILoveTarbert

So…what’s the idea behind the logo itself?

The logo at the heart of this campaign was designed around our most recognisable landmark, Tarbert Lighthouse. It is set in a heart and represents the affinity we hold to our locality, our traditions and our culture. Support this initiative and wear this badge of pride with honour.

Support the #ILoveTarbert campaign!



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