Tarbert Urban Design Framework

The Urban Design Framework for Tarbert, Co. Kerry, was prepared by Nicholas de Jong Associates in 2008 on behalf of Tarbert Development Association.

It was intended to and still helps to guide the future sustainable development, upgrade, refurbishment and growth of the town.

The main requirements for the framework were::

• The identification of potential townscape improvement projects
• Preparation of specific outline design proposals for each project (including budget cost estimates)
• Preparation of overall Framework Plan, linking the various projects together and describing the proposed approach for achieving the project objectives

The framework has been prepared in close collaboration with Tarbert Development Association, and its implementation will be subject to the availability of resources.


Projects identified include:

  • Status: Ongoing works at picnic area (Undertaken by Kerry Co. Co.)
  • Status: Needs funding, however provisions have been made for future undergrounding.
  • Status: Needs funding, however provisions have been made for future undergrounding
  • Status: This portion of the plan, if to be undertaken, is under the auspices of Kerry Co. Co.
  • Status: Complete.  Forge Park & Playground/Fitness Zone installed.
  • Status: Almost complete – Ongoing groundworks.
  • Status: Complete. Series of Bronze Plaques installed at Kelly’s wall.
  • Status: Seeking funding
  • Status: Seeking funding
  • status: Seeking funding


The below file is the complete plan as submitted by Nicholas de Jong Associates.
You may also download the Tarbert Urban Design Framework as a PDF.

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