Committee 2018/19

The main objective of Tarbert Development Association is to act as a focus and catalyst for community development on behalf of the community of Tarbert parish with a view to sustainably improve the economic, social and cultural wellbeing of the people of Tarbert in the County of Kerry. Tarbert Development Association Constitution

  • Executive Committee

    Chairperson – Brian Carey   Vice Chairperson – John Mulvihill

    Secretary – Joan Murphy    Assistant Secretary – Mícheál Lanigan

    Treasurer – Suzanne Harrison    Assistant Treasurer – Michelle Woods

    PRO – Laura Lavery

    Other Members Include…

    Sean Finucane, Suzanne Harrison, Julie Finucane, Jerry O Connell, Michelle Woods, Laura Lavery, Sophie Prendiville, Doreen Enright, Liz Bogan, John Fox, Mary Bridgeman, Patrick Lynch, Maeve Holly, Joe Mulvihill, Kevin Heffernan, Brendan Kissane, Gillian Fitzgerald, Niall Fitzgerald, Eileen Farrelly.

  • Sub-committee Groups

    A strategy whereby TDA projects are moved into categories and driven by one of the category leaders below.
    If you have an idea for a project that would benefit the area, then these are the people to approach with it.

    Tourism Development – Michelle Woods

    Festivals & Events – Liz Bogan

    Business Development – Maeve Holly

    IT & Marketing – Niall Fitzgerald

    Environment & Tidy Towns – Joan Murphy

  • How do I  join Tarbert Development Association (and is it looking for new members?)

    Yes, we’re always looking for new members.
    Simply turn up at the Bridewell at 8pm on the 2nd Monday of the month – all are welcome.
    The more the merrier.

Current Projects 2018

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History of Tarbert Development Association

Tarbert in the 1950’s, in line with much of rural Ireland at the time, was in serious decline. Unemployment was high, emigration was rampant and social deprivation was very much in the vocabulary. Tarbert Development Association (TDA) was founded in the 1950’s when a group of forward-looking local individuals got together to try and improve the village. The issues at the time were local – e.g. local government taxes. But, when the need arose, the Association was able to broaden its horizons. An article in the ‘The Statist’ in November 1957 prompted the newly formed Development Association to promote the notion of Tarbert and the Shannon Estuary as Europe’s answer to the ports of Hong Kong and Singapore!

The promotion and lobbying by that first Development Association – long before the plethora of Government reports of the early 1970’s focused attention on the attractions of the Shannon Estuary and led to the acquisition by the State of the Tarbert/Ballylongford Land bank.
The land bank itself has not as yet achieved its full potential in terms of attracting industry to site on the land but this will change in the coming years with the arrival of Shannon LNG. They propose to invest €500 million on a 280 acre site on the land bank which should make the remaining 300+ acres very attractive to other industrialists.

The Tarbert Development Association has continued down the years since and is now recognised by State and Local Government as a legitimate voice for the people of Tarbert parish.

The role of the Association is multi faceted, always striving to promote and assist the development of a sustainable, vibrant community and improve the quality of life of people living in Tarbert.

The body also has the following subsidiary objectives:

i. To liaise with other community groups, government bodies and other organisations to promote the beautification and improvement of Tarbert and the surrounding area;

ii. To work with any person(s) or groups to promote the industrial, tourism and employment of Tarbert

iii. To represent Tarbert in the national Tidy Towns Competition and such other community campaigns and competitions as the Committee may decide.

iv. The promotion and safeguarding of our heritage and culture.

v. The development of community spirit and pride.

vi. The general improvement, enrichment and development of the natural environment

vii. Enhancement of the appearance and ecology of Tarbert and surroundings.

viii. The development, as far as is practicable, of whatever facilities are deemed necessary to cater for young and old.

TDA Year in Review
March 2016 – March 2017

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