TDA Newsletter February 2018


Hi Folks.

As we find ourselves looking towards our Annual General Meeting on Monday March 5th, we also take time to look back at some of the achievements of the past 12 months.


  • Our Events Committee re-introduced a very successful St. Patrick’s Day Parade. Other events included the Cuckoo Walks, the hugely popular Summer Festival & Regatta in conjunction with the Maritime Club, and the introduction of a brand new festival in November – Féile na Samhna

    which included the participation of over 60 community members of all ages working together to achieve an extremely well-received ‘Fright Night’ in the woodlands, which was based on a fascinating slice of our very own local history.

    We had involvement in the Christmas Lights & New Years Eve festivities, the visit from the Cycling Rugby Legends Tour, the arrival of the Sydney Rose and lots more besides.

    We also obtained some new Tarbert Flags to put on a show of pride at these events.

    This April sees the introduction of an ambitious project, “Tarbert Run”, 

    an athletics event being billed within national running circles as a warm-up for the Great Limerick Run.


    Of course, events are only a portion of the work that TDA is involved in. Our Business Development Committee created a strategic vision for Tarbert called Vision 2020, which underpins the commitments for the next 2 years and has proved vital as a stepping stone to discussions with supporting organisations.

    A very successful campaign to garner support and

    draw attention to the services available at our Post Office earned us an official letter of intent from the management of An Post to retain our Post Office.


    The Shop Local campaign raised awareness of the need for us all to allocate a portion of our weekly spending to local businesses where we can.

  • The associated ‘Fiver Friday’ draws had, very encouragingly, thousands of entries.

    At the moment,  the Business Development group is focused on finding and promoting targets that might attract large-scale business to the area.


    Our Tourism Committee has been striving to find ways to attract people to Tarbert and, as we have such an abundance of history at our disposal, we have started promoting the town as a destination for School Tours, the first of which is due to arrive shortly. Marketing of the area  has been at the forefront of our plans and we have increased our visibility on the Wild Atlantic Way App.

    A target to capture the passing ferry traffic has now been set, and at the moment we are preparing for a large-scale campaign to achieve this.

    Signage has been installed at the Ferry terminal to promote our Playground and Fairy Trail amenities to families disembarking  there.

    The Fairy Trail Guide & Colouring Sheet has proved very popular with kids, and the exclusive availability from the The Bridewell Museum serves to drive footfall to its door as families start their walks from there.


    Our Environment & Tidy Towns Committee has also been busy, this year receiving a Kerry Community award for their work. They have been involved in cleaning, painting and maintaining our public areas.

    Clean -up days have been successful, and yet again Tarbert this year increased it’s Tidy Towns score. An improvement to a section of the Green River is currently in planning and a badly-needed upgrade to the surface of Memorial Plaza is nearing completion.  We are also shortly about to upgrade portions of our Fairy Trail.

  • Investment in new equipment sees the purchase of an industrial weed sprayer to increase the speed and efficiency of weed growth treatment in the area, whilst also achieving cost savings in the long term. This committee also runs a multitude of other activities on a day-to-day basis, which you can find listed here.


    On the Information Technology front, We are extremely engaged with our diaspora through a number of online channels, including the website, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Soundcloud and Instagram, all of which are curated and managed by our members here in Tarbert and are very well received worldwide as a way to both record our culture for future generations and stay up-to-date with events at home. We’ve also created a backup digital archive of the local cultural recordings we’ve digitised over the last 7 years to preserve them safely offline for future generations.

    Recently we saw the launch of the #ILoveTarbert initiative, which serves as a way to visually connect people away from home to Tarbert. Branded clothing for this campaign is available on our website and at the Post Office. The Instagram feed #ILoveTarbert is then used by folks to take pictures of themselves in these clothes, wherever in the world they are, and then post their picture online, to show their support. This campaign supports local business, as any branded clothing that is purchased is created right here in Tarbert.

    As always, our funding has come from a combination of business sponsorship, fundraisers, government programmes and local donations. We are very grateful for your support and have done our best to ensure that what we receive is invested wisely for the betterment of this community, both short and long-term. TDA also became a registered charity this year.

    The last 12 months have seen the involvement of lots more people in community projects, and increased communication between groups towards common goals. For a voluntary organisation, the commitment from TDA members towards achieving the targets set for them this year has been extraordinary, to say the least.

    Our AGM is taking place at 8pm on Monday 5th March in the Community Centre and will see all our positions up for election.

New faces and fresh ideas are always welcome, the AGM is your opportunity to become involved.

Kind Regards,



Niall Fitzgerald.


Tarbert Development Association.


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Tarbert Development Association
Annual General Meeting
Date: Monday 5 th march
Time: 8 pm.
Venue: Community Centre.

1. Welcome and Apologies
2. Review of actions from previous AGM (by Chairperson)
3. Acceptance of minutes of 2017 annual general meeting
4. Ratification of Draft Constitution of Tarbert Development Association.
5. Chairperson’s report
6. Questions, followed by acceptance of Chairperson’s report
7. Treasurers report/Financial statement
8. Acceptance of financial statement
9. Election of officers
10. Close of Meeting

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