Forge Park & Picnic Area

amongst the Carved Art


  • A beautiful spot to simply take a rest, Forge Park adjoins Tarbert’s Green river walk, and the historic art that gives the park its name is also being remembered for posterity – with a cart’s wheel resting on the old wheelwright’s stone on the very spot where an old forge operated for many years.

    Tarbert Development Association also commissioned West Limerick wood sculptor Will Fogarty to work his magic on the tall stumps of three trees that had to be shortened after the storms of the New Year in 2014. Will cut two fabulous faces into two of the stumps as well as the Salmon of Knowledge of Fianna myth into the third. The two faces are of wood spirits, one asleep in the spirit of night and with an owl by his beard and the other awake to represent the daytime, with a fish jumping out of his beard! The Salmon of Knowledge was undertaken to mark our connection with the local centre of knowledge that is Tarbert Comprehensive School. Will also fashioned a number of seats from the tops of the trees he felled, which make for a the perfect spot to stop and take it all in.


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