Historical Illuminated Bronzes

Tarbert’s Historical Illuminated Bronzes represent key historical eras along this section of the lordly Shannon Estuary. They follow a loosely chronological time-frame, representative of major historical periods, reflective of the religious, political, military and commercial life of the region.

  • St. Senans and
    Scattery Island Monastery

    The Vikings and the
    Shannon Estuary

    The Normans &
    Glin Castle

  • Lislaughtin
    Franciscan Friary

    Carrigafoyle Castle of
    O’Connor Kerry

    Tarbert House –
    The Big House Tradition

  • Tarbert Island Battery – Defence against Napoleon

    Tarbert Island Lighthouse – Beacon of the Estuary

    Tarbert Stores – 19th Century Commerce

  • Tarbert Piers
    & The Shannon Trade

    The Power Station
    & The Shannon Ferry

    The Shannon Estuary
    and its towns.

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