The Fitness Zone


for the kids!

Staying Healthy

and active!

Free to use

to help you stay fit

  • Tarbert has a free and open Fitness Zone beside the playground which is open to anyone over the age of 15.

    The Fitness zone is stocked with all-weather Kompan exercise equipment, including :

    • KPX125 Cross Trainer
      The Cross Trainer is perfect for those looking to improve their fitness. During the workout you will experience a mild resistance only, making it easy on knees and joints while still providing an optimal exercise for people to improve their personal fitness.
    • KPX122 Flex Wheel
      Improve torso strength and mobility -consequently getting better posture.
    • KPX129 Power Bike
      The Power Bike is an excellent way to improve your cardiovascular fitness. Furthermore, it goes easy on knees and joints, making it ideal for everyone while still offering an exercise. The intensity of the exercise is defined entirely by yourself, as the Power Bike itself offers no resistance. It can suit both those looking for a warm-up as they get ready for further exercise on other equipment and those looking for a full aerobic workout. Improved cardiovascular fitness gives you increased energy and a better health.

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