Vision 2020

  • So what is Tarbert’s Vision 2020 all about?

    Well, in a nutshell, we’re reaching out to the recently reformed Dept. of Rural Affairs to become involved with the Action Plan for Rural Development, and to establish ourselves as a key component in the upcoming Atlantic Economic Corridor.

    We seek to realise our potential as a modern rural community, create more employment in doing so and develop a diverse and long lasting eco-system of prosperity for the benefit of all our residents.

    For many years our community has  expressed the desire to be in a position to achieve that goal, and successive generations of Tarbert Development Association have created the building blocks upon which the current generation now stand and are eager to push forward from in a dynamic and creative way.

    Tarbert is also home to groups that confront challenges as varied as social inclusion, mental health, bereavement, suicide and addiction awareness, and social housing. Under this plan, we stand together to support each other as a unified rural community.

    Our cultural, heritage and natural capital are assets waiting to be tapped, and up to now, the main challenge to realising that potential was the lack of a suitable national strategy with enough resources to empower rural areas such as ours.

    We seek the support of the Action Plan for Rural Development to help us deliver local jobs, increase our tourism footfall and fully utilise our strategic geographic position in the Atlantic Economic Corridor.

    Vision 2020 is the first step in defining who we are, what we want to do and how we are going about achieving it. It is a solid declaration to the powers that be that we are not here just to survive, we are here to prosper.


    Niall Fitzgerald
    Tarbert Development Association

  • Download and read the Vision 2020 document.


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